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The tiniest literary magazine in the world

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Praise for Matchbook Stories

“Beautiful package and even more amazing little tiny stories inside. What a complete delight!” —Aimee Bender

“I've never seen before super short stories treated with such great love and respect.” —Etgar Keret

“One of the most unusual and beautiful literary magazines in the world.” —J. Robert Lennon

“My favorite package since the Ferrante galley! I love it.” —Lisa Lucas, National Book Foundation

“Tiny but breathtaking stories… absolutely adorable… an art object that assures both style and substance.”
Smokelong Quarterly

“OH LOOK. They do a ‘literary magazine in matchbox form.’ Which is so special we need to step outside and weep awhile.”
The Letters Page

“Charming ‘amuse bouche’ that delight with their wit and style, both in content and design.” —Blackwell’s

“I love creative limited editions like this, they really showcase the handmade process and how special it is to own something like this.”

“King concept from Matchbook Stories: ‘The tiniest literary magazine in the world.’” —Coverjunkie

“What a delight they are to read” —The Review Review

“We're kind of obsessed with Matchbook Stories—they're tiny, portable, attention-span friendly and more.” —Sweet

About Matchbook Stories

Matchbook Stories is a literary magazine in matchbox form. Each issue (a box) collects four tiny stories (each its own matchbook.) We fill each issue with writers and stories we love; in the short time we’ve been around we’ve already fit in our matchboxes stories by some of the best writers in the world.

Each matchbook is a tiny book in itself—with book cover art specifically designed for the stories. We are small but we get around: you can find Matchbook Stories in some of the most beautiful bookshops in the world.

Matchbook Stories is an experiment in form, a beautiful literary object and conversation, a few words that can be carried in a pocket and shared with a friend, or perhaps a complete stranger.No matches. Lots of fire.

* Issue 4 *

with stories by Ali Smith, Etgar Keret, Marti Leimbach, and Frances Gapper.