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Matchbook Stories

Issue 3

  • Matchbook Stories Issue 3
  • Matchbook Stories Issue 3
  • Matchbook Stories Issue 3
  • Matchbook Stories Issue 3
  • Matchbook Stories Issue 3

MATCHBOOK STORIES: The tiniest literary magazine in the world

We are back with our biggest issue yet! Matchbook Stories Issue 3 is a matchbox filled with genius award-winning short story writers. You'll love this so much you'll want to carry it around all summer in your pocket.

Four great tiny stories by Etgar Keret, J. Robert Lennon, Tara L. Masih, and Yorgos Trillidis


"Asthma Attack" by Etgar Keret

"Fault" by J. Robert Lennon

"Ella: Now" by Tara L. Masih

"Verification" by Yorgos Trillidis

About the authors

Etgar Keret is the author of, among other books, The Seven Good Years, Suddenly, A Knock on the Door, The Girl on the Fridge and The Bus Driver Who Wanted to Be God. His books are bestsellers in Israel and have been published in thirty-seven languages.

J. Robert Lennon is the author of seven novels, including Mailman, Familiar, and Happyland, and the story collections Pieces for the Left Hand and See You in Paradise. He teaches writing at Cornell University.

Tara L. Masih is the author of Where the Dog Star Never Glows, the editor of The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction and The Chalk Circle, and the series editor of the annual Best Small Fictions anthology. Her flash fiction has been widely anthologized.

Yorgos Trillidis is the author of three short story collections, Αγκιστρωμένοι στα Φυστικοαμάξια μας, Τελετή Λήξης and Μικροπράγματα, and a collection of non-fiction. Some of his stories have been published in English and a couple have been adapted into short films. He lives in Nicosia.

Matchbook Stories

Issue 3

Editor Ioanna Mavrou

Book design by Ioanna Mavrou & Thodoris Tzalavras

English text

8.7 x 10.8 x 1.5 cm

4 matchbooks, housed in a matchbox

Book Ex Machina

Nicosia, 2015

ISBN: 978-9963-9858-4-5


€ 15

€ 10.50

Price with shipping

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I've never seen before super short stories treated with such great love and respect. —Etgar Keret

Tiny but breathtaking stories... absolutely adorable... an art object that assures both style and substance. Smokelong Quarterly

OH LOOK. They do a "literary magazine in matchbox form." Which is so special we need to step outside and weep awhile.

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