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Matchbook Stories

Issue 1

  • Matchbook Stories Issue 1
  • Matchbook Stories Issue 1
  • Matchbook Stories Issue 1
  • Matchbook Stories Issue 1
  • Matchbook Stories Issue 1
  • Matchbook Stories Issue 1

Stories about meetings fleeting and temporary, about moments and places, invoking the feeling of real matchbooks. A few words that can be carried in a pocket and shared with a friend, or perhaps a stranger.

MATCHBOOK STORIES is a literary magazine in matchbox form.

Each issue (a box) collects four different tiny stories (each its own matchbook) in prose or poetry form. Editors Ioanna Mavrou and Lee Jing-Jing kick off the series with two tiny stories each.

Matchbook Stories Issue 1 is handmade and comes in a limited edition of 100.


"Last Fall" by Lee Jing-Jing

"An Old Wive’s Tale" by Lee Jing-Jing

"Cha Cha Chicken" by Ioanna Mavrou

"Paris, Vegas" by Ioanna Mavrou

About the authors

Lee Jing-Jing is a writer, poet, book-evangelist, picture-taker; a Singaporean loving Singapore from afar. When she's not busy writing, or being involved in long hours of avid, amateur birdwatching, she can be found on her blog seven things. A list of her recent work can be found here.

Ioanna Mavrou writes short stories and is working on her first novel. She takes pictures she sometimes posts on Travels and Daydreams. This is a list of her recent published stories.

Matchbook Stories

Issue 1

Edited by Ioanna Mavrou & Lee Jing-Jing

Book design by Ioanna Mavrou & Thodoris Tzalavras

English text

8.6 x 10.6 x 1.4 cm

4 matchbooks, housed in a matchbox


Book Ex Machina

Nicosia, 2012

ISSN: 1986-4825

First edition 100 copies

€ 20

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